Camera Layout & Animation

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters

I was the Camera Layout Supervisor for this film. Demo reel coming soon.

Motion Graphics & VFX

Demo Reel

Demo includes: motion graphics & titles, particle effects, sky replacement, compositing, matte painting,  3D light & camera pre-vis.


Breakdown for Titano

This is my previs breakdown for the short film “Titano” directed by my good friend Ben Chavda. The film stars Irwin Keyes and was a ton of fun to work on. The primary location we shot was very compact and hard to get equipment into. I took exact measurements of the rooms so we could choose lenses and lighting setups that would work in the restrictive space. The thorough preparation allowed us to get all 82 shots in the two days allotted.


Demo Reel



I edited and did the post work for this documentary short.